THE SCARLET RABBIT is a whimsical Texas bistro serving creative, regionally-inspired cuisine located in Downtown Round Rock, TX. Helmed by co-executive chefs Rob Snow (Greenhouse Craft Food) and Rich Taylor (formerly of Quality Seafood), THE SCARLET RABBIT offers “an immersive trip down a culinary rabbit hole” and an adventurous experience unlike anything Central Texas has enjoyed to date.

THE SCARLET RABBIT is described as a cozy, imaginative restaurant where “all things odd are cool.” Nestled in a beautiful 1940’s bungalow, just west of the Downtown Historic District, the restaurant is both visually stunning and inescapably welcoming. Interiors, created by designer Sonja Snow, feature a playful Alice in Wonderland theme, recalling various passages from the 1865 novel and highlighted by delicate, yet bold accents, romantic lighting, robust colors and stimulating decor that blurs the lines between wonder and fantasy. Upon entering THE SCARLET RABBIT, guests are greeted by a mysterious hall of doors flanking a striking red cocktail bar festooned with ornamental hares and backwards running clocks that command “Drink Me” and the magical atmosphere of the restaurant immediately makes you feel like you are immersed in the classic tale.

THE SCARLET RABBIT features a variety of dining and gathering spaces, including an extensive outdoor patio, shaded by a massive 200 year old live oak tree draped in twinkling lights, that adds to the space‚Äôs charm. The expansive patio accommodates up to 80 guests, adding to the indoor dining room’s intimate capacity of 60. Like an inquisitive Cheshire cat, patrons can expect to grin from ear to ear upon entering THE SCARLET RABBIT’s fantastical, fairytale-esque sphere.

THE SCARLET RABBIT is open daily for lunch and dinner and offers hand-crafted cocktails, wines and beers.

We look forward to serving you soon.